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Articles that I read lately and felt the need to share/ I agreed with them. The date corresponds to the time I read it, not the time article was published.

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Feb 12 2023
Deno is a fantastic tool that gives new breath to the JavaScript ecosystem, I like how you can just download one binary and start using it, no need to install Node.js or any other package manager. However, I still need to learn how to properly setup a full project with just Deno. Right now, I use it for small scripts and tools.
Nov 9 2022
Agreed on this, tools fits needs, there cannot be an ultimate problem solver.
Oct 15 2022
A story about old internet humor, ponies and basketball. As a millennial who also used Flash a lot in the old days, this article hits my nostalgia spot.
Oct 14 2022
All you need to know about creating a blog, from choosing a generator to deploying it.
Oct 11 2022
In this long article, the author goes through xer experience with cryptocurrencies and NFT. I must admit I have been a user of this technology, and it saddens me the amount of scams that are around it, transaction fees, third-parties and required KYC verifications. Overall, I enjoyed this article, I recommend reading it while taking breaks.
Oct 4 2022
Agreed on this, people take for granted liability on Open Source software.
Oct 3 2022
Agreed, the limitations of believing that we only need one identity are harmful.